​Kids:  $220 for 10-week Term price
Adults:  $100 per month 2019 Special price

PK - Year 12 and Adults

Children learn that there are different types of attitudes toward money and each type of attitude will give them different results.  Many people fail in their attempts to reach their personal financial goals, to start a business or to invest because they haven't first understood their financial psychology.  Our students learn to plan to reach their goals and to have a good attitude while doing it.

Children learn that making a budget is the best way for them to reach their goals. They will learn tips and simple rules to making their money grow.

Children learn to think before they say 'YES' to borrowing money or signing an agreement. A loan is a promise to pay back money and there are consequences for not paying on time.  The way in which we use debt can either work for us or against us. Using debt in the wrong way can ruin our reputation and delay our success. Using debt in the right way can improve our reputation and accelerate our success.

Children will learn that there are many different ways to earn money which can make them feel happy. They will learn about business plans, taxes, choosing an employer and about investing in their future.

Children learn that thinking before acting can help to lower their risk.  Risk can have positive and negative consequences and there is a cost to protect the things we value. Students learn that risks are everywhere, but when we have a plan for how we are going to deal with risks then we will be much better off. Even in death, there is a risk that we will leave our family destitute.

6.  JOBS & CAREER        
Students learn that life is not a straight line, so don't plan for it to go that way. Good planning will get us on the right path to earning the income that we want and doing the work which we enjoy doing.

Students learn that the way of the world revolves around having access to credit.  We will fail in our attempts to succeed using credit if we don't know how to maintain a positive credit profile and protect ourselves from identify theft.  

Students learn that owning a business is not for everyone.  It helps to know the pros and cons to being an entrepreneur.  We will create a mock business to see if entrepreneurship is your calling.  

Students learn that we don't have to work very hard later in life when we set up a plan to invest our money now. Students learn the steps toward preparing to invest as well as the power of compounding interest.
​​10. TAXES     
Students learn that taxes are everywhere and in everything. We are paying taxes everyday so let's look at how we can save on taxes and put it toward our financial freedom.

Students learn that we can create our own future by defining it today. We talk about the kind of life that we'd love to live in our future.