Frequently asked questions

 Ask me anything and I will share the answers here!
  1. Who will teach the lessons?
    Nicole Martin is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) and will deliver the instruction. If you would like to train as a Registered Instructor, to deliver instruction on behalf of Martin & Fortuin, then please ask me how.
  2. What ages do you teach?
    Children aged 5 - 18 years. Adults: 19 years and older. Lessons are designed and delivered to specific age groups.
  3. How much does it cost?
    $40 : One-to-one fee $132 : 4-weeks (available to Adults) $198 : 8-weeks (available to PK - Y12 ) See Prices page for more details.
  4. What do I get in the end?
    1) A Certificate of Appreciation for completing each unit. 2) Your Student Guide with all of your work in it. 3) The Knowledge and Skills on the topic you just learnt about! Priceless :-)
  1. Where do you teach?
    In a clean, comfortable environment that suits the learning needs of everyone in the group.
  2. How long is each lesson?
    Some lessons are 45 to 60 minutes long. All of the lessons are engaging and fun!
  3. How many people are in a group?
    Group sizes should be small enough so that the instructor can learn to know everyone. A group of between 2-8 people works well.
  1. Do you teach online?
    Lessons are taught face-to-face for a personal learning experience. If you would like to explore online resources, we recommend Moneysmart by ASIC.